In The Beginning…

ended my last post telling you we’d talk about Anxious Predictions today, but I’ve changed my mind. I can do that because this brainchild website of mine is new and organically growing, and well, I’m in charge lol. I’m gonna leave Anxious Predictions stewing in his “What If…” juices until next week because I’m still sorting through the order in which to talk about all the other interesting characters ~ a.k.a information ~ I’m so excited to introduce you to! So, bear with me as things evolve over here. You truly are witnessing the birth of The Buddha Neuron and I welcome you on this journey with all my love and imperfection. <3

I don’t know about you, but I learn through story telling. Impersonal data does not always compute lol. As you may have gathered by the title I’ve chosen for this website, my topics of passion are Neuroscience and Buddhism. My aim here is to show how these two worlds can beautifully intersect to create lasting inner-peace, love and happiness within YOU. First, in order to break down the complex, yet vitally important subject of Neuroscience, I have chosen to story-educate about a topic that can be super heady and yawn-provoking if not handled just right. And I hope to do just that! Um…the not yawn-provoking part.  

I honestly believe that having a better understanding of how your brain works will help you have a better understanding of how YOU work and why you do some of the bat-shit crazy stuff you do lol. And I honestly believe that having a better understanding of how your brain works will free you from negative thinking and a life filled with Fear and Doubt. Learning how to put some of these teachings in place in your every day lives will open the floodgates to self-compassion, self-love, and true happiness, as well as a real belief in the friggin amazing human being that YOU are! I think that is worth spreading a message about. Don’t you?

Life is a beautiful thing, even when it’s not!

And I am so grateful for the insights and wisdom that living Life to the best of my ability has rewarded me with. They have helped me so much in ways I can’t begin to express – but will try in every post I write lol. Some of these posts will be long, and some will be short. It really depends on how involved I get in the topic and how many glasses of wine I’ve had. 😉 Lol, I’m sooo kidding! ~ drunk blogging is never a good idea and I’ll share a funny story about that another time. The thing is, I can’t put a word count on the message, nor do I wish too. My sincerest and deepest heartfelt wish, is that my experiences, both good and bad, will help shape, guide and define yours in a fulfilling and positive way.

When I research a topic I want to bring to your attention, most of the reading is long winded, clinical sounding, and frankly, quite unoriginal in style. It’s not sexy, attractive and it sure as hell isn’t fun lol – unless you’re kinda nerdy like me. But Neuroscience, and the incredible advancements of it, really is sexy, attractive and fun! Especially when you begin to understand that YOU have the ability NOW to actually change your life because of it! To me, that is so friggin liberating! And the confidence and happy that comes with knowing you have the skills to live the life you want, well c’mon, that really is downright sexy!

Alright lol. Before I get too carried away and this post turns into a novella, let me get to my topic of the day. (For the record, this is where the actual post starts. 😉 )

he Game of Life takes place in The Stadium of The Mind and the major league players are Our Thoughts. Each of us has our own very real and very personal perception of The Game of Life, and each of us is perfectly correct in our version of it. There is no right or wrong. There is only what you believe and what you believe is your truth. Remember that, and stop judging! Just sayin. 😉 Neuroscience has proven, without a doubt, that Our Thoughts create our reality. Thoughts are game-changers, life givers and life takers. They have more power than you may have ever given them credit for and if you really want to change your life, you need to take your Thoughts seriously. 

Thoughts are POWERFUL!

They are the only thing that influences what you do each and every moment of each and every day OF YOUR LIFE!! And even though we don’t really talk about it, we all have them. A constant, steady stream of voices that live inside our heads, with 24/7 access. I say voices, because I think we have more than just one. I know I do lol. So, I’m gonna break those voices up into two groups for ease and simplicity, and have them sitting in the bleachers watching the Game of Life.

First we have…

The Cutest Cheerleaders! YAY!!!

Clearly, The Cheerleaders are everyone’s personal favorite lol. They encourage us, build up our Confidence and tell us we CAN do whatever it is we’re striving to do. We love them because they inspire us to believe in ourselves and don our SuperHero/PowerPuff capes so we can soar above the bullshit. C’mon! Who doesn’t love a Cheerleader?

And then there are…

The Nasty Naysayers! BOO…HISS…BAA!!! 

Modern day relatives of Negative Nelly. (Google her. She’s a thing!) The Nasty Naysayers discourage us, keep us in a state of impending doom and alarm, as in Danger Danger Will Robinson, and they build up Fear of… well, pretty much everything. They’re loud, bossy, and way too controlling. They fill us with apathy, dread and confusion, and they can be downright mean and disabling. And boy oh boy, are they LOUD! They can drown out The Cutest Cheerleaders in a heart beat by shouting that we’re worthless, useless, stupid and can’t do anything right. Ya. Not a big fan of The Nasty Naysayers at all!

The Cutest Cheerleaders and The Nasty Naysayers are super important participants in The Game of Life and up to now, have received all the attention, but there’s another even more valuable group I’d like to introduce you to. The Neural Pathway Builders! These guys pretty much create the roads that all of our Thoughts travel on, and are literally at the core root of all the things that make us US. So, without further ado…

Ta da!!!

The Neural Pathway Builders!

Now, these guys are actually way more powerful than The Cutest Cheerleaders and The Nasty Naysayers combined because they kinda built the friggin stadium and the field that the Game of Life is being played on. And it’s these guys I want you to pay the closest attention to. The first thing you need to understand about The Neural Pathway Builders is that they are completely neutral. They don’t cheer or boo, and they’re not keeping score. They only have one job: To build the quickest and easiest pathway for your thoughts to travel to your Comfort Zone. Period. What’s important to understand about The Neural Pathway Builders is that they have no conception of what’s good or bad for you. And they don’t really care. They don’t like or dislike The Cutest Cheerleaders or The Nasty Naysayers. They aren’t rooting for anyone. They simply do what The Brain tells them to do.   

These are the players at work in your brain every single second of every single minute of every single day. Even when you are asleep. They never rest. And they never rest because your brain never stops thinking Thoughts. Even when you are asleep. Ever wake up with the same conversation still running through your head that you fell asleep with? It’s crazy right?!!! 

Your Thoughts are like traffic in your brain. Today they are traveling on Super Pathways of Information, where everything moves faster than the speed of sound. But, it wasn’t always like that. In the beginning, when The Game of Life began, Bob, an early primitive man, stepped outside of his cave, thumped his chest and ventured out into the world. At first he only had a narrow, One-Way, dirt pathway in his brain. We’ll call this The YES Pathway. He didn’t have a lot to think about. Life was good. And it was simple. Wake. Eat. Sex…if he was lucky. Sleep. Repeat. 

Over time, Bob learned more about the world outside his cave and as a result, The YES Pathway pathway got a bit wider. Soon, a passing lane was created to accommodate more Thoughts. Happy, simplistic, positive experiences were being supported in The Stadium of The Mind. And Life was really, really good!

Then one day a bad thing happened.

A Saber-tooth Tiger lunged out of the wilderness and ate Bob’s neighbor! Eeeek! The Cutest Cheerleaders fainted and The Nasty Naysayers yelled, “RUN BOB! RUN!!!” So Bob ran. And in an instant the Neural Pathway Builders created a second pathway in Bob’s brain. We’ll call this one The NO Pathway. And this pathway ran in the opposite direction of The YES Pathway; right back to the cave. Back to Safety. Back to Security. Back to Comfort. And just like that, our primitive Flight or Fight instinct was born and hard-wired into Bob’s brain. Add a few more Saber-tooth Tiger attacks, a Woolie Mammoth or two, and the scorching knowledge that Fire was friggen hot, and The Neural Pathway Builders were kept busy making the The NO Pathway wider and deeper, so that Bob could get back home quickly and remain out of danger! And with every terrifying, negative, often fateful experience that Bob learned about, The NO Pathway grew until eventually The Yes Pathway was merely a suggestion. A thin, faded reminder that there were still good, safe and positive things in the world. Even as we, Bob’s descendants, evolved, and the dangers weren’t nearly as eminent or catastrophic or life-ending, our brains became hard-wired over time. Trained to automatically look for danger, recognize negatives situations and become hypersensitive to potential threats to our well-being. In short, today our brains naturally look for the bad before they look for the good! Thanks, Bob. 🙁

Fast forward to the 21st Century

That small team of Neural Pathway Builders has grown huge and gone Corporate. They continue to build massive Super Pathways for Thoughts to stream through our heads 24/7, just like always. Problem is, no-one is checking the stability of the roads. There are potholes and dead ends in the crumbling foundations and people are slipping through the cracks. Daily. Lives are being terminated, immobilized, and Hope is in a downward spiral. Many have stopped believing that The YES Pathway ever existed. Our Super Pathways are overcrowded and congested with Thoughts. Positive ones. Negative ones. Fractured ones. Ones that makes no sense at all! And the more Negative Thoughts we have in our mind that amplify a specific Self-Limiting Belief, the wider and more accessible that specific pathway becomes in our brains. And with that wider road and easy access for Negativity to swoosh on it, guess what happens? Your Negative Thoughts take center stage and soon they become who YOU are! Double Eeeek!

Most of The Cutest Cheerleaders have defected to the other side and are now part of The Noisy Naysayers. And who could blame them, what with Saber-tooth Tigers and Woolie Mammoths running a muck! But to be fair, The Cutest Cheerleaders never really had a chance. Danger was an everyday lesson for Bob and his family. Their very survival depended on them listening to The Nasty Naysayers. You and I don’t have Bob’s problems. We have different things to contend with for survival, but being eaten by a Saber-tooth Tiger isn’t one of them. Unfortunately for us, this initial hard-wiring of man’s early brain has left a crazy build up of unshakable residue that still shapes our minds and affects our Thoughts today.

We still look for Saber-tooth Tigers every time we leave our caves!

We don’t believe that Life is safe because we believe everything everyone who came before us believed. Even though our lives and climates and environments are constantly changing, and intellectually we know we are safe, we still question and doubt many of our decisions because we are still afraid. We haven’t allowed ourselves the personal freedom to slow down, listen to our own voice, and learn to become UN-Afraid. This, by the way, is where Buddha comes in. Just in case you were wondering. He’ll be joining us soon. 😉

So, because of this crazy, ancient, hard-wired Fear we have of The Game of Life, most of us have developed a few mild, negative psychoses, if you will. And a few new voices have been added to the cacophony already playing inside our heads. Yup. We’re all just a wee bit crazy lol. And one of those voices is called Anxious Prediction. His line in YOUR story always begins with a fearful, “What IF…!!!” And to be honest, he’s a royal pain in the ass.


Have an amazing weekend my lovelies! Go out and LIVE a little!!!

See you next week 🙂





And Namaste your ASS off!

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  1. I think Anxious Prediction is in love with me because she stalks me night and day and won’t leave me alone. Looking forward to more! Keep it coming girl!! You KNOW you ROCK!!!

  2. Can’t wait to hear about Buddha and where he fits in to these crazy voices in our heads, lol. Keep it coming 😉

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