How To Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change The World!

ometimes you come across a message that seems totally random, but when you really start thinking about it, it’s really not random at all.

This morning I woke up depressed. Feeling like there is no purpose to my life. I know. BIG right? It’s not a new feeling. I’ve just learned to push past it. Mostly. Some days are harder than others. Today is one of the hard ones. But I decided that no matter how shitty I felt, I had to at least Get Dressed and Show Up.

Truly, that’s half the battle.

(Wanna listen to this instead? Go ahead! I get it lol ) 🙂 

So, I showered, made myself smell yummy (vanilla always makes me feel good) and threw on something other than the sweats I’ve lived in for the past three days. I grabbed my iPhone, ear buds, a stick of incense and three candles. I lit up, sat on the couch, assumed the position, plugged in and began my I-try-to-do-this-every-day meditation.

Meditation is friggin awesome! Always.

Which makes me wonder why the hell I don’t actually do it every single day.

When it was over, I scanned the app for another one. I needed more. I really wanted to lift the gloom that’s been pressing down on me. This feeling of Not Enoughness. Of worthlessness. Of nothingness. Of stagnancy. Of bleakness. This questioning of “For Fuck Sakes-What The Hell Is The Point!” shit that’s been circling my drain lately. But as I was scanning through the hundreds of options, looking for that magical meditation that would lift me back into a place of zen and positivity, I slowly closed my eyes and paused.

Just sat there. In silence. Doing nothing.

And then I felt this tidal wave of emotion building inside of me.

One by one the tears started to flow through closed lids. Warm and salty they traced my cheeks and flowed into the curve of my mouth.

I don’t usually cry randomly. And not with my eyes shut. But the tears just came unbidden.

And then I started to pray. I mean really pray.

It was a little awkward at first. I’m always unsure of whether or not to, and who I should be praying to. God? The Creator? The Divine? Spirit? Myself? And you all know that I am not a God Fearing Christian

But I prayed anyway. Silently at first. Then out loud.

Hearing my own softly pleading, desperately humble voice made me cry even harder. I sounded so…lost.

I acknowledged the gifts I have been given. Love. Friends. Family. Communication. Writing. Creativity. Love of Humanity. Compassion. Forgiveness. Healing. Even Pain. And I thanked Her/Him again for all the times they literally saved my life. And then I asked, “Why Am I Here?” Not in the huge philosophical way, but in the small little ME way. Why am I here? ME. What is MY purpose? 

I do believe I have one. Most days. 😉

As I Age more. Learn more. Listen more. See more. Understand more. I grow more and more disheartened by the inhumane ways we humans treat each-other. I become frightened for the future generations that have to live in this crazy fucked up world. For my daughter and her unborn children and their unborn children.

But worst of all, being the eternal-optimistic-believer-in-the-good-of-mankind that I am…is beginning to hurt my soul. I am starting to lose faith that ONE person can actually make a positive difference. That ONE person can create a ripple of good powerful enough to affect real and lasting change. And I really really don’t like feeling this way.

It seems we have lost our World Heroes. The Buddha’s and the Gandhi’s and the Mother Theresa’s, and dare I say it, the Jesus’s of the world are gone. And while I sincerely hope there are others in the making even before I wrote this, it doesn’t look like anyone is stepping up to replace those beautiful, loving, spirits of generosity. Instead we are bombarded, beaten and bullied by powerful anti-human World Villains like the Trump’s and the KKK’s and the White Supremacists. Our hopes and our hearts and our very souls becoming stained by their violence on the natural diversity that is our humanity.

This is not a political tirade.

This is Despair speaking from a place of Honesty. For me and for the world. And it’s got me down. Big time.

So, I asked The-All-Powerful-Being-In-The-Sky to please show me my purpose here on earth because I feel like I have lost my way. I am deeply troubled by the very real issues that affect us all on a very profoundly personal level.  The loss of Hope is mounting on a scale that is almost unimaginable. And it’s evident in the anxiety, the depression, the stress and the suicides. Look around you the next time you are out in the world. Really look into the faces of the people.

So Few Of Us Are Happy.

As for me. All I want to do is spread a little love and sunshine so that for someone, somewhere, life isn’t so friggin sad. Myself included. I actually said out loud and with genuine intention, “I surrender myself to YOU because I am doing such a shitty job at this whole Life thing.” And I meant it. Humble right? Lol. Well, all I can say is that if we are truly made in the image of The Creator, than sarcasm and dark humor are not man-made. 😉

I sat on the couch and stayed in that emotional, tear-filled space for about 15  minutes. And then I felt calmer. The tears subsided. I breathed in deeply and tried to ground myself. I didn’t know if my prayers were truly heard, or if I even prayed the right way, but I like to think Someone or Something heard my heart and, in the moment, that was enough.

When I reached for my iPhone again, I closed the meditation app and a few other windows I had left open. One of them was a Ted Talk I had been listening to yesterday, but now in its place was a different Ted Talk waiting to be heard. A woman named Jacqueline Way stood frozen on my screen with a caption above her head. Apparently, she had a plan on:

How To Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change The World.

I was like…seriously?

Then I was like…HOLY SHIT. Seriously!

(You gotta listen when the Universe is trying to tell you something. Isn’t this what I had just prayed about???!)

So I watched and listened. 

And my faith was kinda restored a little bit.

ONE person CAN STILL make a difference in this fucked up world.

It was a sign. Yup. I’m going there lol. 

What Jacqueline Way has created is a beautiful life implementation called 365 Give. It’s brilliant! And I for one am going to actively take part, and spread this message anyway that I can! And if YOU are a parent with a growing young mind to shape, then you really need to watch this! It’s neuroscience at its most basic, and goodwill toward humanity at its best. She’s a friggin shiny ray of sunshine and Hope for a better world! Yay Jacqueline!!!

We all need to listen to this!

Don’t you dare leave this page without clicking on the video! 


Reblogged: A Thomas Point of View: Ghost 🙂


I had a dream last night with my ghost.

We were running in a field of wildflowers.




We were laughing and playing.

Like old times.

We paused.

Laid down in the wild flowers.

He held my hand while I cried.

I told him about my dreams that were unfilled

My hopes that had died

My bones that had been broken

My tears yet to fall

He smiled

He whispered five words

in my ear.

I was comforted by his presence.

Renewed by his encouragement.

I awoke knowing that I would get through

this life.

No matter what may come I know he meant it

when he whispered

“Never Stop Believing In You”

Um…I can pretty much assure you that in this case, Ghost was definitely God 🙂

My girl Tikeetha’s got a religious vibe-on! But I could be wrong. She’s an onion lol. Lots of layers!

That’s it for now. I just needed to share this with you. And I’ve missed talking with you.

It  made me feel a little better. I hope it did the same for you. <3

Sometimes you come across a message that seems totally random, but when you really start thinking about it, it’s really not random at all. No matter how shitty you might feel, Get Dressed and Show Up. 

Truly, that’s half the battle!

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See you soon. Till then…




And Namaste your ASS off!

10 thoughts on “How To Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change The World!

  1. Listening to your voice was amazing and i felt like you where right beside me physically, and i still read word for word as you spoke, your such an inspiration to me love u babes xoxox

  2. Hey Trish! So good to have you back and to be able to hear you as well. What a treat! Really enjoyed this post. I’ve heard of 365 Give but didn’t know all the details, so thank you for sharing this. Hope to hear from you again soon!

    1. Hello Caroline! So nice to hear from you again. Love the love and encouragement. Every little bit helps!!! Hugz from the airwaves. And you are most welcome! Namaste

  3. Wow. I am soooo honoured! What an amazing post. I have to tell you something. People keep telling me our talk comes to them exactly when they need to hear it. I am so glad it came to you. It truly came from my heart. Thank you so much for sharing our message. In just a few short weeks we will have up a new website where we can all connect and join a global giving movement together. Not just for kids! Seeing posts like your truly inspires our work and to keep going every day to connect us all. Have a wonderful day you truly made mine. This was your #365give!

    1. Perfect. <3

      I can't tell you how tickled I am to see this response here. Kinda blew me away actually.

      I love it when I find something/someone that I really connect with, and the something/someone connects back!

      Thank you, Jacqueline.

      Just perfect.

      Huge grin. 😉

  4. So nice to hear your voice Trish! It really does add an extra element of intimacy to the experience. And thanks for the news about 365. It’s so nice to hear when good things are happening in the world! Hope to hear from you soon! 😊

    1. Hey! Soooo sorry for the delay in responding. Been a little busy lately and haven’t jumped back over here yet, till today! I am happy you were pleased with hearing this wonderful news about 365 and now know how important their message and crusade is. I have been true to my word and have practiced doing something kind and generous of spirit every day since learning of their message and it feels friggin fanstastic!!! Lol hope to see find you here again soon! I miss my Buddha Peeps. Take care <3

  5. Well hello again! I’ve been wondering when you would post again and am happy to find this. I hope you are doing well and get back to writing regularly again soon. I miss our little share over morning coffee lol. Be well lovely one. All the best! Nice post by the way. Very nice sharing effort! I will look into the 365 share program more, now that I know about it. Good on you Trish 🙂

    1. Hello yourself, Ms Beecham lol! I’m working on getting back here. Honest Injun – and I can say that. 😉 Life just got incredibly complicated and busy all of a sudden and while I have a ton of things to write about, it’s just taking the time to actually SIT and write it all down! But trust me when I say, coming here and sharing and giving what value I can is truly at the top of my to do list. I will see you soon! Hope all is well in our world, and thanks for the shout out. It literally woke me up lol! V hugz xo

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